Dear future self

Dear future self

thank you for always believing in me

When I dream of you

You have nothing but love

and joy to give me


I know we’ll meet one day

And share a beautiful embrace

I’ll take your hand

And let you lead the way.


Be patient.

Be gentle.

For the time will come

I’ll be ready, I promise

I’ll be there, nothing will stop us


Running trees

Sitting by the window

I see from the train

Trees running from me

Chasing their destinies


I see mountains moving away

Looking for reasons to stay


I see cloud passing by

Staring me right in the eyes


Sitting by the window

I see from this train

All the landscapes I left

While dreaming away

The taste of love

As I kiss your skin

seasoned with my salty sweat

I can’t help but wonder

Which spices have brought you here?

What flavours have you tasted like?

The smell of your love on me

fills me inside

like a waterfall

waiting to start

running from its rage


Give me a spoonfull of your destiny

So I can delight myself

with your sweet eyes

every day

every night.






Your ocean




Your kisses always tasted too salty for me

as if you had more tears

than love to give


But now I know you have ocean water

instead of blood

dark secrets hidden under your soft skin.


you can’t run from me


I feel your depth as I touch your lips

My own death as I drown in your saliva

searching for the truth

your truth

your mysteries


I’m a teardrop in your high tide

Looking for your ocean

A sea of promises and lies

In your perfectly blue shade of brown


And as your sweat runs through my body

I feel your waves

Crying for forgiveness


Can’t you see?

I am also on my knees