Dear future self

Dear future self

thank you for always believing in me

When I dream of you

You have nothing but love

and joy to give me


I know we’ll meet one day

And share a beautiful embrace

I’ll take your hand

And let you lead the way.


Be patient.

Be gentle.

For the time will come

I’ll be ready, I promise

I’ll be there, nothing will stop us


Running trees

Sitting by the window

I see from the train

Trees running from me

Chasing their destinies


I see mountains moving away

Looking for reasons to stay


I see cloud passing by

Staring me right in the eyes


Sitting by the window

I see from this train

All the landscapes I left

While dreaming away

The taste of love

As I kiss your skin

seasoned with my salty sweat

I can’t help but wonder

Which spices have brought you here?

What flavours have you tasted like?

The smell of your love on me

fills me inside

like a waterfall

waiting to start

running from its rage


Give me a spoonfull of your destiny

So I can delight myself

with your sweet eyes

every day

every night.