Dear hero

Don’t try to save me.
Let there be darkness and sorrow,
Let there be death and pain,
I can only be beautiful that way.

I see grace in this tears
And power in this blood stains.
Hurt is my best friend,
The only one who truly understands.

I no longer aim to live, I survive.
Because life taught me to pursue this scars.
And there’s not enough love in this world to fix my heart.

So, don’t try to save me.

Although your cape feels like lustful silk,
And your eyes are one mile away from Heaven,
I’ve climbed the mountains myself,
Barefooted and naked.

Don’t try to save me.

Let there be loneliness and silence.
Let there be insanity and misery.
Let there be fear, wander, loss…
Let it be. Let me be.

I only know beauty this way.