Daddy’s little girl apology

Daddy, I’m sorry!

All I ever wanted was to make you proud

But at the time it sounded like

The loudest voice was the crowds!

I left my virginity on the back seat of your car,

That night you went out.

And he told me that if I loved him

I’d go down.

So I did it.

I let him drive me insane

I did everything he wanted me to

Until he came, then pain came. Then shame came.

I did it and I wanted to tell you before

But I didn’t know how,

I’m sorry dad.

I’m still a child, I can’t be a mom!

I still have dreams of graduating and going to prom!

You know the girl with the big belly never wins prom queen.

And I can’t do this without him.

I thought he loved me. He said he loved me!

But what do I know about love?

I’m a just little girl and he just too old!

Your little girl, your baby girl.

Daddy! What am I supposed to do?

Adoption or abortion?

Neither of them sounds like a life option!

Daddy, I’m sorry.

I never pictured my future this way.

In my dreams we’d both be happy

Somewhere else far away,

But in reality life feels worse

Than my worst nightmares.

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

But I couldn’t look you in the eyes any more.

I had to runaway and find something worth living for.

Although all the stupid things I’ve done,

Besides the wrong path I choose,

I’m still daddy’s little girl.

And I’m sorry.

People say I’m a whore,

They don’t know my story!

They don’t even want to know

Where I come from!

I do drugs not because I feel worthless,

But because I need something to kill

The pain of sleeping with someone else’s husband,

Brother, cousin… father!

Because I am someone’s daughter!

Maybe a prostitute, a failure, a drugs addict.

But at the end of the day I’m still your daughter.

Daddy, all I ever wanted was to see you proud!

To see that smile of yours you had when I was a child

And you would spin me all around!

So forgive me father,

For leaving town,

For giving up on the prom crown,

For failing in life somehow