Show me your worst flaws

The face you make when you cry

Show me the things you never tell

I want to be inside your hell



Take me to the darkest place on your head

The secrets you remember when you lay in bed


Your scars and your losses


Your marks and your ghosts

Your ocean




Your kisses always tasted too salty for me

as if you had more tears

than love to give


But now I know you have ocean water

instead of blood

dark secrets hidden under your soft skin.


you can’t run from me


I feel your depth as I touch your lips

My own death as I drown in your saliva

searching for the truth

your truth

your mysteries


I’m a teardrop in your high tide

Looking for your ocean

A sea of promises and lies

In your perfectly blue shade of brown


And as your sweat runs through my body

I feel your waves

Crying for forgiveness


Can’t you see?

I am also on my knees





The beginning of the end

Leaves on the sidewalk.

They crack as I walk,

I know they must be talking to me.

I know they are warning me.


With each step another one dies,

They’re like stars

turning themselves off.

It hurts every time.

Although I know

They’re no longer alive,

I still believe in their light.


Autumn comes like a thief

in the night.

Slow moves and sharp knives

It knows what it wants.

Undressing trees and blowing candles.


Suddenly Summer is gone.

Last time

If you have to go,

Then let this goodbye be as dark and tragic

as your mother’s tears.

Let it be as loud

As the first sound you made when you

Left her womb,





In my mind,

You’ll always be a child.

Like a moon, scared to show it’s whole face

But oh! 

If only you saw the light

that shines through when you do

It’s so beautiful.

You’re so beautiful.


I hope the kiss of death

Is as fresh and beautiful as your first breath.

If you have to go.