As I’m getting older I’m growing tired of the same old, same old, phallic references here and there. Having to ‘rise to the occasion’ and having to ‘grow some balls’, I’m a grown woman: I know that human beings are way more complex than that.

I think that, personally, I’m more like a vulva: There are different dimensions to who I am, and most of my connections only get you see one or two: there’s the labia minora, the labia majora, the urethral opening, the prepuce, the vaginal opening, and so on. 

Then there is a part of me that is very out there but that only a few people know how to handle: the clit. The clit is a very delicate thing: you can’t just push the clit. You have to handle the clit gently, respect it, praise it, learn how to work around it. If you touch it the wrong way, you get kicked in the face – literally!

Most people get lost trying to find the G-spot and all the while I’m left there standing still, waiting for them to catch up with me.
So, today I take April 15th to show my appreciation for those who touch me in the right places and keep me going. Thank you for not neglecting any part of me. For acknowledging and accepting even the bits of me that scare you. Thank you for allowing me to take my time. Thank you for letting me scream as loud as I want. For the foreplay, for the soft kisses, for the restless support, for the hardcore love making.


I hope you all have an orgasmic day today (I really mean that).

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