I first fell in love with your neck. The way it supports your glorious head and stands proud above your shoulders, I found it sexy. I imagined my hands around it, and all my fingers feeling your skin, as if I was playing the piano… Do you play the piano? When you play a piano, when you’re really into the piano, although your eyes are opened and you’re reading the musical stave, your head is shut down and your body moves with the song, it’s a magical thing. Your fingers move almost by themselves and you feel every key, every note, everything.

I imagined my lips touching you. Not kissing! Slightly touching your skin, as I can’t help but suffocate by the emotions I feel standing so close to you. You could feel my breath; it is as if I was breathing into your pores and taking the drops of life I, myself, have given you. In my head, you were always calm, always quiet, a boat and not a sailor. In my head I was a sailor and the sea, and everything in between.


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